A Chemist’s Experience of Dew be Dew at Essentique


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Dew be Dew is super gentle

What happens when you mistakenly pick up the wrong bottle of liquid soap to wash your hands?  We’ve all done it, right?  And, usually, what happens is not too much.  If we’ve used the detergent intended to fight the grease on our dishes, we notice the harshness.  If we’ve grabbed the stuff that promises silky tresses we might notice how it slips off the skin leaving a weird residue.

A few weeks ago, however, a guest walked into Essentique’s boutique on Park Avenue in Palo Alto and picked up one of the free samples on offer each and every day.  Assuming it was skin lotion, the woman poured an amount into her palms.  It was only then that she read the label of her sample and realized the creamy balm she was trying to rub into her dry cuticles was actually a hair wash.  She asked if there was someplace where she could clean her hands.  I led the woman to the area where customers can try samples.  When designing Essentique, I was certain to include a counter and sink area where guests can take their time exploring and play with Essentique’s beautiful product line.  The customer, who happened to have been a career chemist, suddenly remarked, “Look at my skin!”  She could not believe how soft and smooth her hands were. Impressed, the woman left after purchasing Dew Be Dew hair wash.  Dew Be Dew is the hair wash you can customize with essential oils.

Essentique’s hair washes are gentle on the hair and – apparently – on chapped hands, too.   And why wouldn’t they be?  Created with love from the finest ingredients, I make Essentique products on-site and in small batches.  Every hairwash, conditioner, body butter and scrub inspires the senses.  

Start your day with Essentique.  And inspire your senses.


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  1. Cute story! I love your hair washes and conditioners. I often feel like pouring them all over my body 🙂 They smell so great! Keep them coming!

    1. Oh dear, I am so happy you like the hair washes. They are all filled with food grade ingredients. Lots of fruits in hair washes like apple, watermelon, guava, cucumber, and beautiful and unique oils in conditioners like Acai berry oil, Passion fruit, Brazil nut and Murumuru oil. Luv,

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