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Clean Clay

Face masks are the ideal treatment for various skin care concerns, and Essentique’s Clean Clay facial masque is an excellent choice for detoxifying the skin.

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Gentle Peels, Powerful Results!

There is a general perception that the more aggressive the peel the more effective it would be. That is not necessarily true. You can achieve the same results by performing a number of superficial peels which are natural and plant based.

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Hair pool

Pool-Proof Your Hair

Learn how to protect your locks from damaging chlorine in the pool. Your hair will feel and look healthier if you follow these simple steps before hitting the pool.

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Fraiche Fragola For Your Lips And Skin

This hydrating polish gently buffs and smooths dry, flaky lips with perlite and white willow bark extract while maintaining moisture and health of your lips with squalane and prebiotics. A great prep step before any lip color.

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Introducing GABA, one of the key ingredients in our complex natural facial firming cream Elevate, and what it can do for your skin.

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Essentique on London Daily Post!

Most of the products currently available in the market are of synthetic origin in large industrial settings, following the same formula and composition for a general skin type or condition. Yet, some entrepreneurs out there believe in putting out all-natural bioactives to take care of specific and general skin conditions. Mandana Navi, the founder of Essentique, is one such individual.

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Did you know your hair needs hydration?

If your hair is frizzy and dry and you have tried all sorts of protein rich deep conditioners, hair oils and butters with no luck then perhaps you should consider the possibility that your hair lacks hydration!

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Essentique on Reader’s digest!

In this world, there are two types of people: those who chase money and those who follow their dreams. Those latter individuals – the empowered ones – fully understand how to make a positive difference on our planet. Mandana Navi is one example of such an individual; she’s redefining beauty standards by means of her brand Essentique and enabling others to discover the inner essence of their natural beauty.

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