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Aging and Skin Tone

Did you know that skins with different tones age differently?! Learn what skin aging means and what factors influence skin aging and how skin tone can influence skin aging!

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Buzz Sentinel talks about Essentique

Mandana as a little girl was taught to take care of herself with bio-actives found in nature all around her. Her mother encouraged her to find beauty solutions in nature and stay away from synthetic products. This developed her creativity and closeness to nature.

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A Natural Approach to Preventing Hair Loss

Our scalp and our hair follicles are an essential part of healthy hair. We usually start looking for scalp serums when we are experiencing hair loss. This gentle, yet effective hair serum is formulated specifically for stimulating hair growth and can be used by everyone, women and men.

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Désirée: Perfect Gift for the Holiday Season

If you are new to oils, start with a dry body oil! Désirée is the perfect dry oil and a beautiful holiday gift for your loved ones. This revitalizing, aromatic dry body oil delivers lasting hydration from head to toe, while giving your skin a youthful and radiant glow.

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Candela perfect gift for holiday season

Essentique’s all natural, soy candle, Candela, scented with natural pure rose essential oil, is the perfect addition to anyone’s collection of products and it also makes an amazing gift for holiday season.

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Introducing our new and improved POM-made, a natural approach to styling hair that offers a dry feel and manageable hold with effective edge control that also nourishes and repairs your hair.

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