For-Bitten the ultimate clarifying hair wash with Apple


Apple Shampoo

If you’ve been bitten by the blues because your hair seems weighed down by build up, know there is a solution. Our For-bitten shampoo clarifies hair follicles and removes dead skin from your scalp, letting your hair bounce back like never before. Useful for oily and normal hair that needs a volumizing boost and shine while maintaining its natural Ph balance. Smooth, luxurious locks await.

If you love the crisp, sweet smell of apples, this shampoo is for you. Made with 100% real apples for all the benefits they provide, including: Vitamins A, B, C,and  K, malic acid, phytonutrients, flavonoids, and phenols. This hair wash also utilizes silk proteins for their highly moisturizing and protective properties. Aloe Vera is responsible for smoothing and locking in the moisture, while Meadowfoam oil makes your hair look full and shiny.  For gorgeous, orchard-fresh tresses, look no further than a bottle of For-Bitten hair wash.

Like all of our other products it is made fresh in-house with vegan and all-natural ingredients.

This hair wash is Mara’s favorite. She says: “It was the first product I personally tried, and it made my usually oily, greasy hair feel marvelously clean and light. I highly recommend it to anyone whose hair can use an extra pick-me-up.”


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