Lungevity For Your Lungs


You probably remember the horrible fires last year that led to many of us inhaling air with the worst pollution levels in the world causing increasing health concerns. The Bay Area is no stranger to air pollution—the number of “Spare the Air” days clue us in to just how poor the air quality has gotten. In that time of tragedy, we were shocked to see how bad things had gotten. Now, we are facing it again, at a larger scale. 

Last year, Lungevity was created to address the need to help our lungs from this pollution. Lungevity was formulated based on research by Miriana Kfoury of the Unité de Chimie Environnementale et Interactions sur le Vivant in France and the Lebanese University. They evaluated the anti-inflammatory effect of certain essential oil compounds to treat inflammation caused by the fine particles that are typical of hazy, polluted air, and that are known to be carcinogenic. They found anti-inflammatory properties in organic compounds called phenylpropanoids (trans-anethole, estragole, eugenol and isoeugenol) 

Lungevity’s four natural organic essential oils could serve your lungs during this period of time. Organic fennel has anethole, organic basil provides estragole, while eugenol comes from organic clove bud and the isoeugenol is found in organic ylang ylang.  Released last year, on a donation basis with all proceeds going to wildfire victims, Lungevity has now found its way onto our permanent shelf of essential oil blends. 

Just add a few drops of Lungevity to an essential oil diffuser in your home or workspace to inhale the goodness of this wonderful blend!


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