Get a bottle of Quench and skip the conditioner!

Quench is a special hair wash with a super moisturizing formula that provides a whole lotta love to your scalp as well!

All of our hair washes are one of a kind but Quench is something special! This luxurious hair wash nourishes your hair from inside out, helps eliminate frizz, leaving your long tresses feeling silky, relaxed and lustrous. This super moisturizing formula contains a unique botanical blend that provides a little love to your scalp too! let’s look at the key ingredients in this meticulously formulated hair system.

Protein Blend

With kale, carrot and lemon protein, this blend can increase softness to the hair, promote hydration and moisturization and help your hair look fuller, thicker and feel stronger and more lustrous.


A natural moisturizer, rich in amino acids and lycopene, nourishes the hair from inside out with deep conditioning effects that can make the hair feel soft, silky and relaxed. Lycopene has potent antioxidant properties that guard the hair follicles and scalp from oxidative stress ensuring the health of every hair strand.

Botanical Blend

A unique botanical blend of dill, cabbage and broccoli sprout extract, moisturizes dry scalp while improving hair’s elasticity and shine.

Hydrolyzed oat protein

Oat protein provides superior moisturizing benefits for the hair that can create a silky smooth feeling on the hair. Specifically beneficial to dry and damaged hair, it can form a protective coat on hair strands to reduce the appearance of “frizz” and “fly-aways”.

Get a bottle of Quench and skip the conditioner!


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