Ho, Ho, Holly-Jolly: Perfect Gift for the Holiday Season


It’s December now–the days are cold and rainy, the nights are long, and the holidays are just around the corner. If you’re anything like me, all you want is to spend most of your time snuggled up inside with hot tea or hot chocolate. And, if you’re going to be spending so much time inside, why not decorate your space to make it feel warm and cozy and festive? String up some fairy lights and decorate your mantelpiece with candles and cards. And, while you’re at it, decorate the air too.

Essentique’s Holly-Jolly essential oil blend is warm and perfect for the holiday season. Pine, cypress, and Scotch pine will make it smell like you have a Christmas tree even if you don’t, bringing the clean, green scents of the forest inside. Nutmeg, sweet orange, ginger, cinnamon, and almond bring the comforting warmth of freshly-baked holiday treats. Lavender and vetiver are calming. Bay leaves and pepper boost confidence. Taken together, this blend stirs cheerful, warm memories of spending time with friends and family. Fill your space with soothing and uplifting aromas. Inspire your senses with Essentique.


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