Meet Fraiche Blu


Fraiche Blu, the newest member of our Fraiche Gel-to-Milk masque, delivers all the vitamin C your skin ever needs!

Just introduced for Mother’s day!

Fraiche Blu is a new member of Essentique’s Fraiche facial masque series. Fraiche Blu, with its absolutely stunning blue color, is a high performance Vitamin C facial Gel-to-Milk masque. And it smells divine!

Vitamin C is an amazing potent antioxidant that can benefit the skin on many different levels. It improves the skin barrier function by protecting the skin lipid against oxidation. It brings firmness and liveliness to the skin by accelerating collagen synthesis. It tones and brightens up the skin by interrupting melanin production. It protects the cells against UV damage and contributes to skin regeneration.

The Bottom Line: your skin really needs it!

One of the biggest challenges in using vitamin C in skincare products is that it is an inherently unstable compound. Due to oxidation, vitamin C is easily degraded and unstable when exposed to air or light. To overcome this challenge, a blend of novel vitamin C derivatives is used in this unique masque to ensure the effectiveness of the formula that delivers the exceptional benefits of Vitamin C. 

Fraiche Blu makes a gorgeous and unique Mother’s day gift! Get it for yourself and for your mom and spend an at-home spa day celebrating her with Essentique!

We will be honored.

With love to all mothers on earth!


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