Muse: a powerful meditation enhancer

Meditation Muse

Every artist needs a muse. Every creator needs a calm source of inspiration. Do you have yours? If you haven’t found one yet, look no further. Essentique is here to save the day!

Our newest essential oil blend, Muse, was formulated for this very purpose: its mystical, complex aroma grounds you while elevating your mental clarity, acting as a powerful meditation enhancer. Muse contains some of the finest and richest essential oils you’ll find anywhere, carefully blended to create this wonderfully layered, deep scent.

Muse blends oils form some of the rarest flowers and most precious woods, so smelling the final aroma is like losing yourself in a luscious, luxurious garden. Vetiver grounds you, enhancing your meditation. Pink lotus’ scent encourages you to breathe deeply, increasing feelings of tranquility. Magnolia improves your mood, reducing anxiety and stress. Rose encourages you to form a deep, loving, and spiritual connection during meditation. Violet calms and comforts you, encouraging independence and acceptance of change. Neroli encourages your self-acceptance and inner peace. Sandalwood opens your heart, encouraging emotional healing. Frankincense Sacra balances you, enabling you to reach a deeper meditative state. Frankincense Paprifera uplifts and relaxes your mind and spirit. Myrrh stimulates many of your hormonal glands, reducing stress and helping you focus. Clary sage lifts your mood, ensuring a positive experience. Atlas cedarwood redirects your focus inward.

Inspire your senses with Essentique. Let yourself be inspired. Try Muse.


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