Opt for Oils

Oils are well known in the beauty kingdom, praised for their luxurious feel and successful effects. Cleansing oils are the best in the business for a reason: they are more hydrating than their cleansing wash counterparts. These cleansing oils contain many soothing ingredients that prove to be far more effective while remaining less irritating, because of the scientific property that “like-dissolves-like”. By combining with the excess oils on the surface of the skin, this cleanser won’t strip away your body’s natural oils and helps to maintain your skin’s natural balance. 

The idea of using oil on your skin may be daunting, but there is a reason that it is highly recommended by skin-care professionals and dermatologists alike. Oils, in spite of what you may have previously believed, is actually superior in results when it comes to locking in moisture. Oils sink right into the skin because they replicate the natural lipids which are found in our skin. Due to this similarity, they help regulate and even repair our natural moisture barrier. For this reason, it is recommended that those with oily, acne-prone skin use oil products rather than their cream counterparts. While it may seem counterintuitive, using oils actually decreases sebum production which occurs naturally in the skin, all because the skin no longer has to counterbalance the loss of natural oils typically stripped when using washes or creams. Regardless of your skin type, using an oil cleanser as an alternative to other cleansers will prove to have outstanding results. Oil cleansers are the gentlest product of their kind and they will not disrupt the natural pH of your skin or leave the skin feeling tight and dry. It is incredibly effective at removing impurities, bacteria, and dead skin, and eliminates the need for double cleansing. An added bonus is that oil cleansers also remove various types of makeup, making your daily skincare routine that much easier! Oils help fight free radicals that contribute to premature aging, helping to reduce wrinkles and resulting in a fresh, healthy glow. When oil comes into contact with our skin, it is treated as the body’s own; it hydrates and simultaneously exfoliates, aiding in the reduction of breakouts, which ultimately contributes to the healthiest version of your natural state.

Essentique already offers an all natural facial cleansing oil, Lumin8, but we are excited to announce our newest addition of a shower oil, Olioa! Packed with all natural exotic oils, this product is a decadent body cleanser that replenishes your skin’s moisture while simultaneously cleansing the skin. Upon contact with water, this oil transforms into a milky texture and should be used as a last step before your  final rinse in order to achieve your smoothest skin yet. At Essentique, all our products are made in small batches with fresh ingredients. Olioa is no exception with an additional unique feature: each batch is unique and made with different exotic oils and scents and thus varies in order to delight your senses and skin. Everytime  a new batch is ready for purchase  an updated list of ingredients will be posted on the Essentique website. Recently, one batch was made with Apricot, Watermelon, Perilla seed, Raspberry and Camelina oils  and was scented with Himalayan mint and it was incredibly refreshing especially for summer time. 

Olioa is absolutely a miracle product, providing cleansing, moisturizing, hydrating, and soothing benefits, all of which your skin not only craves, but deserves! During the heat of the summer, it can be a great alternative to moisturizing your body after getting out of the shower! During the cold winter, it can create a cozy and silky feel on your skin. This product includes the benefits of a cleanser and moisturizer into one simple task! To use, simply massage the oil over your skin in the shower and watch as it turns into a milky texture. Then rinse yourself off and enjoy your clean, satiny-soft skin. 


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