Pumpkin Peel Facial Masque

Facial mask

Does the phrase “facial peel” scare you a bit? Let me reassure you: your skin won’t all be peeling off your face. What we mean when we say “peel” here is much more subtle.

Our Pumpkin Peel facial peel mask is an example of an enzyme peel mask. “Enzyme” is a term that refers to a specific kind of protein that catalyzes reactions, making them possible and faster. So, enzyme peels speed up the process of skin regeneration by catalyzing the reactions that eliminate old, dead cells and replace them with fresh, new ones. These enzyme peels perform what we call chemical exfoliation: instead of using scrubs to physically remove dead skin cells, enzyme accomplish the same thing at the molecular level.

Pumpkin Peel , as its name suggests, contains enzymes from the inside of pumpkins. Why pumpkin? In addition to being a particularly good source of fruit enzymes and alpha hydroxy acids (which also accomplish this exfoliation), pumpkin contains a lot of antioxidant Vitamins A and C. These help calm and smooth the skin, and boost collagen production, which prevents signs of aging. Furthermore, pumpkin is particularly penetrative, and so it has stronger effects when applied topically.

Pumpkin Peel is a gentle, exfoliating enzyme peel. It dissolves dead surface skin cells and impurities while delivering vitamins and nutrients to the skin. Skin is left clean and smooth after just one use, but repeated use can help brighten dull complexions and even skin pigmentation.

You’ll feel like you’ve peeled an old layer of skin!


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