Revitalize with RevitAçai


Looking for a moisturizing, smoothing, and shining conditioner that is also anti-frizz? If you are, then RevitAçai is for you! Made with Meadowfoam Oil and Açai extract, this conditioner has many beneficial properties, and is a miracle worker when paired with any of our incredible hair washes.

Meadowfoam Oil is high in the antioxidant tocopherol, so your hair and scalp are moisturized, and your locks look full and shiny.

Açai extract is filled with vitamins C, B1, B2, and B3, fatty acids, flavonoids, proteins, lipids, and minerals, which all have moisturizing and revitalizing properties for the skin and hair. 

Bamboo Bioferment helps to make your hair look shiny and glossy. Açai Oil contains various vitamins and proteins that have moisturizing properties for both your hair and skin, due to its abundance of chlorophyll, vitamins, antioxidants, and anti-inflammatory properties.

Babassu Oil, from palm fruit, is rich in healthy fatty acids that promote effective moisturization that leave your hair nourished. 

In addition, RevitAçai contains Passionfruit Seed Oil, also known as Maracuja Oil, which rejuvenates dry and damaged hair.

 Not only does it make your hair look stunning, this product has nourishing Plant Keratin in it, which protects your hair.

This conditioner will absolutely restore your hair to its true natural beauty. The luxurious Passion fruit used provides a sweet and pleasant tropical scent. If you feel like your hair simply won’t cooperate with you, don’t give up! Try this miraculous product and you won’t be disappointed with the results. Simply apply it, comb it, rinse it, then enjoy!

By Mary Racz


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