Should I change my shampoo every now and then?

Should you stick to the same shampoo? Learn the benefits of switching up your shampoo every now and then to maintain a clean, healthy and lustrous hair.


The short answer is yes!

Here is the longer explanation:

What does a shampoo really do? 

The main role of shampoo is to clean your hair and scalp and keep it in a good condition. Each shampoo uses different cleaning agents known as surfactants and each of these surfactants are in charge of removing different components of the sebum. Hence by changing your shampoo you are removing different parts of the sebum from your hair. 

Nowadays shampoos are becoming more complex with different elements such as conditioning agents, proteins, oils, humectants, etc. It is generally a good idea to change your shampoo every once in a while to give your hair the opportunity to be treated with different actives.

In addition, with repeated use of the same shampoo, some of these nourishing elements may build up on the hair itself and changing shampoo can help remove these conditioning agents that have built up on your hair.

Do you eat the same food everyday? Of course not. So do that to your hair and try switching your shampoo every now and then. Experience new ones and see how your hair responds to them. You can always go back to your fave!

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