Summer Hydrosols, the natural 100% pure herbal waters from the plants and flowers

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Experience the herbal water of the plants and flowers

Summer is upon us, and the need to keep cool is more urgent than ever! Our hydrosols offer the perfect way to stay refreshed under the bright sun. Hydrosols are herbal waters that are distilled from plants and fruits. Essentique offers 13 organic and 100% pure hydrosols, which can be misted to freshen and fragrance a room or linens. Hydrosols can also be added to your skincare routine, to tone, refresh and lightly scent your skin. Each offers a distinct scent, ranging from sweet and airy to Uplifting and vibrant, and contain some of the similar properties that can be found in their respective essential oils. Each can be utilized for a multitude of things, acting as a facial cleanser/toner, a natural perfume, or deodorant . The list goes on! Many of our hydrosols are even incorporated into our products, such as Bloom, NV, Amorous, UpLift and more.

Cucumber Hydrosol

Cucumber, with its cooling and crisp aroma, offers skin softening and moisture balancing properties that can be great for the heat. Not only does it contain the erepsin, which is an enzyme that can act as a softening agent to the skin, but it also helps cut down on overly moisturized skin. The soothing properties that cucumber brings to this hydrosol only add to it’s appeal. A quick spritz of this across the surface of the skin, and you’ll be refreshed and ready for the day! You can find Cucumber hydrosol in NV, a hydrating facial moisturizer for men. The cooling, refreshing, and hydrating Cucumber hydrosol along with Perilla plant stem cell helps soothe skin irritations and reduce the appearance of swelling, which makes this lotion great aftershave.

Lavender Hydrosol

Feeling tense and irritated in the summer heat? Lavender can help you relax! It is well known that lavender has a sedative, calming scent that can help relax even the most high strung individuals. Pair this with it’s anti-bacterial and anti-inflammatory properties, and it makes quite a treat for your skin! Not to mention it can leave a sweet, but not overly potent fragrance across linens or a room. You can find Lavender hydrosol in Bloom, an exceptional facial toner. This uplifting, nourishing toner penetrates your skin like a laser drawing on the soothing properties of calendula flower, lavender and chamomile.

Neroli Hydrosol

Save the best for last! Neroli, one of our most favored hydrosols. Besides it’s heavenly bitter-sweet citrusy floral aroma, it offers many beneficial skin properties. Along with balancing sebum and tightening pores, it can hydrate and and protect your healthy skin cells. Similar to Lavender, it also contains grounding properties as well. When combined with Lavender and other calming aromas, it can reduce anxiety while treating the skin to it’s amazing astringent properties. Can make a nice toner or aftershave.

You can find Neroli in UpLift a light facial cleanser great for sensitive skin, it tones and polishes without excessive tightening.


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