Your hair is not that thirsty!

Why do I get a frizzy hair? why do I see more hair loss in the shower? How can I protect my hair from frizziness?

Frizzy Hair

You get a lovely blow dry for your trip to Hawaii. Your hair looks bouncy and smooth. As soon as you step out of the plane your hair starts to frizz!

What’s the biz with the frizz?

Why does our hair frizz up in a humid climate or after a shower?

As we mentioned in a previous article about hair anatomy, hair consists of the inner core or cortex and outer protective cuticle layer. 

The cortex is mainly made of protein molecules called keratin and there are two different types of them in the cortex: one that is coiled tightly together and the other in between them that has more affinity for water. Why? Because the bonds in them (called non-covalent bonds) can easily be disrupted by water. When our cuticle layer is damaged by different mechanical and chemical processes, or by environmental factors, the cortex becomes more exposed and accessible. When you go to a humid area or step in the shower the water (from the moisture in the air or in the shower) disrupts the non-covalent bonds in the proteins of the hair and attaches to them, causing a structural change in them. The hair strand coils up and when dried it looks frizzy. And if the hair absorbs more than it can handle then you may face lots of breakage. When I bleached my hair I didn’t have any breakage when dry but as soon as I would step in the shower my hair would start to break and fall. I was always curious why this happens. A damaged hair when exposed to water would get extremely vulnerable and susceptible to more damage.

Always remember that too much water can be an enemy to the hair. It weakens the hair and causes hair breakage. The higher the content of water in the hair, the weaker and more vulnerable the hair becomes. 

Give wet hair some extra love

  1. While showering, be gentle to your hair. Wash it gently and avoid heavy friction as the hair is in a compromised state.
  2. Use a conditioner to reduce the wet combing force, allowing for a smooth comb through. 
  3. Avoid shampoos with harsh cleansing agents that can damage your hair and make it more prone to breakage.
  4. After shower, avoid rubbing your hair as you dry. Instead, cover it with a microfibre towel and gently remove the excess water. 
  5. Before styling, use protective hair treatments and avoid high heat as much as possible.

It may take a while to find the right shampoo, conditioner and styling product for your hair. But don’t give up. Your hair is your crown. Keep the crown healthy and shiny!


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