Back in School: Changing Your Hair Care Routine

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A major issue in skin and hair care is tachyphylaxis, when products lose their effectiveness over time. This can happen for a couple of reasons. One reason is that your cells adjust, over time, to the concentration and types of molecules introduced to them–in hair products, this happens with the skin on your scalp and your hair follicles. The other reason is that a particular product may have accomplished all it can do, so you stop seeing improvement. For these two reasons, and others, it’s a good idea to switch up your hair care routine every once in awhile to test out new products, explore the beauty world, and see if you can find something new that you love. 

Changing a routine that has taken a long time to perfect might be scary and hard. However, Essentique hopes to make it easier, by providing you with a wide variety of products so you can explore and have a little extra fun while keeping your hair healthy. We have a variety of hair washes and conditioners you can choose between depending on your hair needs. Oilier hair types can switch between For-Bitten or Stud Suds (formulated for men but good for everyone). For more normal hair types or those looking for reparative properties, washes like Dew Be Dew and Eggcel are amazing. More textured and dry hair would pair well with AloevaQuench, or our co-wash, Maruculous. For conditioning options you can try alternating between Blue Bliss and Revitacai. We also carry many additional hair care products you can incorporate into your routine such as Fenominal leave-in conditioner, Pom-madeLuxe Locks hair serum, or Dazzle hair and beard oil. If you’re looking for added hair TLC, we have Supermasque hair masque which you can cover your locks in, leave in, then wash out for silky, hydrated hair. We also carry a variety of carrier oils that are amazing for hot oil treatments. The easiest way to approach it would be to choose a carrier oil such as Baobab oil, work the oil into your hair, and step into a sauna or steaming shower or wrap your hair in a hot towel. Then you can wash it out and experience the luscious results for yourself. 

There are endless ways to keep your routines fresh and exciting so don’t hesitate to ask us if you’re looking for something new. Even testing out other natural beauty brands can be a great way to find new products you may love to incorporate with Essentique’s. No matter how you decide to keep things fresh, just know your hair will thank you for it. 


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