Carrier Oils

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Just like their name suggests, carrier oils can be used to “carry” essential oils and dilute them so they can be safely used on the skin. Carrier oils are an amazing way to customize your skin care routine by using a product as simple and natural as plain old oil. 

However simple these oils may seem, don’t underestimate their abilities. Each carrier oil has its own unique properties which can help target your specific skin care needs. For example, oils like Evening Primrose, Rosehip, and Borage are high in fatty acids and can help with maintaining plumpness by reducing transepidermal water loss. Argan Oil and Jojoba oil are considered dry oils meaning they absorb quickly without making skin greasy and instead leave it feeling soft and supple. 

Rest assured that all of Essentique’s carrier oils are unrefined and cold pressed. This means the oil was extracted at a low temperature and didn’t go through bleaching or other harmful processes that remove smells, tastes, and crucial nutrients. Unrefined cold pressed oils are of a higher quality because they still retain all their beneficial properties because we only want the best for your skin!

If you’re ready to try out some carrier oils here are some ways to incorporate them into your skin care routine: 

  1. Use oils as a moisturizer on their own  or on top of your moisturizer (remember to always layer products from lightest to heaviest) 
  2. Add them into your bath. A couple of tablespoons of carrier oil of your choice is sufficient to leave your skin smooth and nourished. You can also apply them on damp skin after a shower or bath to lock in moisture and keep your skin hydrated, or let us do the work for you and use our weightless magical Soma body oil.   
  3. To remove makeup apply a few drops of Argan oil to a wet cotton pad and gently rub or use our Lumin8 oil cleanser to wash off the day 
  4. For a little TLC hair treatment try oils like Baobab, Argan, or Essentique’s oil blend Dazzle specifically blended for hair and beard use. 
  5. To treat oily and acne prone skin! Yes you read that right, adding a carrier oil to your routine could help balance oil production. Try R3 facial oil blend or evening primrose oil which is also included in our new facial cleanser, Clair.
  6. For an at home spa treatment use Apricot oil to maintain healthy cuticles and nails
  7. To treat stubborn stretch marks, scars, and hyperpigmentation test out regenerative Tamanu oil

As you grow more comfortable using carrier oils you can take your experience to the next level by including essential oils to benefit from the properties of the essential oils as well as the added aromatherapy. If you’re just starting to use essential oils on the skin, depending on the oil (some essential oils are too harsh to put on skin, like cinnamon or nutmeg) it’s recommended to start with a 2% dilution on the body and a 0.5% dilution on the face. So for every 10 ml of carrier oil you can add 1 drop essential oil for the face and 4 drops for the body. Always remember with essential oils less is more. We also offer custom blends of oils for personal use. Stop by the boutique and we would love to help you formulate your own unique blend using a carrier oil base and your choice of essential oils. We can’t wait to see all the ways you add carrier oils into your every day routine! 

By Rojean Janzad


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