Back to Square 1 with Essentique’s all natural hand and body wash

As we enter November and both the leaves and temperature start falling, many of us might be worried about how to keep our skin healthy and happy in the dry winter months. We might start to dislike washing our hands, for fear that the harsh soap and cold water will eventually leave our hands cracked and hurting.

Have no fear! With Essentique’s Square 1 Hand and Body Wash, you’ll never have to deal with dry hands again, even if you don’t have the time and energy to put on lotion every time you wash them.

That’s because this hand and body wash, in addition to having beautiful cleansing and foaming properties, is formulated with ingredients that take care of your skin. Apricot oil, which absorbs quickly and moisturizes deeply, is also high in vitamin A, which may promote skin elasticity and suppleness. The specially-formulated botanical blend in this product (which contains dill, cabbage and broccoli sprout, nettle, peppermint, horsetail, and yucca extract) nourishes dry skin. Chamomile hydrosol has calming properties that help to soothe dry and flaky skin. Hydrolyzed oat protein has skin-softening benefits that will leave you velvety smooth all over.

So, if the cool months and grey skies have you feeling down and in need of a reset, come back to Square 1. This calming, milky hand and body wash is available in four scents–vanilla, cucumber, freesia, and papaya mango–so there is something for everyone, and it will leave your skin feeling clean, smooth, supple, and hydrated.


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