Beyond the Daydream: Reverie


Reverie, the state of being pleasantly lost in one’s thoughts, can help you find your way to the dreamland.


You are laying out in the sun, a cold drink in hand. The weather is perfect and you are one with your thoughts. In your hectic schedule, you savor this feeling of being relaxed. As you slowly drift off into sleep, you recognize that there is something missing. There is still one element necessary to complete the mood; the right aroma. Well, we have a solution for you: Reverie

Meaning “the state of being pleasantly lost in one’s thoughts”, Reverie can help you find your way to Neverland.

Lavender, a sweet yet woody scent, contributes to an overall relaxed feeling. The cedarwood amplifies that woodsy feeling so that each breath is a step further into the forest. Both lavender and cedarwood work in the background to provide anti-inflammatory relief and soothe you as fall deeper into your sleep. The final warm, fulfilling note you will find is nutmeg. One whiff and nutmeg will send you right back to the days of watching cookies come out of the oven. Let yourself travel through your subconscious as the combined scents work their magic with added benefits of reduced pain and tension relief.

As you spend more time with the scent, you will notice the bitter orange ease in, ensuring the journey remains interesting. This citrus scent is refreshing and energizing enough to keep you on your toes. Paired with a citrus counterpart of bergamot to continue the sidetrack. The citrus notes complement the best of lavender and cedarwood allowing you to fill your space with the feeling of a full day spa. 

Reverie is perfect for feeling relaxed and helps improve ease and quality of sleep. Embark upon a complete journey with Reverie guiding you along the way. 


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