Hair Anatomy: Why do I get Split Ends?

Hair Split Ends

Hair consists of an outer layer called the cuticle and an inner layer called the cortex. One of the functions of the outer layer is to protect the inner cortex. As the hair grows and gets longer it is exposed to different environmental stressors. This includes excessive washing, combing, overheating by using hair dryers, flat irons, curlers and hair straighteners and of course UV exposure!

These will weaken and damage the cuticle and can remove the cuticle scales which leads to exposing the cortex. The fibers of the cortex are now free to expand and become splayed out. This leads to split ends. If the cuticle is seriously damaged, let’s say from heavy bleaching, you will see the splitting effect on the higher part of the hair that can even cause hair breakage!

What can you do about it? 

  1. Regular hair trimming is essential.
  2. You also need to take great care of your hair. Make sure you use less invasive hair styling devices.
  3. Make sure the shampoo you use has a mild surfactant system like Essentique’s. Harsh surfactants can extract hair proteins and lipids causing cracks in cuticles. Use shampoo and conditioners that have natural nourishing and repairing ingredients, such as plant keratin, amino acids, proteins, humectants and emollients. Check out our hair conditioners and leave-ins and learn how they can protect and  repair your hair. 
  4. Before styling make sure you protect your hair with an effective natural hair serum such as Luxe-Locks.
  5. And don’t forget to give your hair a bit of love by applying some lovely dry oils such as Dazzle to reinforce your hair’s lipid content.
  6. Hair masks are great for giving your hair hydration, moisturization and nourishment. Don’t underestimate their role in your hair care regimen.

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