Citrus. These fruits are bright, sweet, and sour, making delicious juices and refreshing lemonades. And their essential oils, cold-pressed from their rinds, are uplifting and energizing. We’ve created a delicious blend of citrus scents–Citrulicious! This blend contains oil from every citrus you can imagine, and more. 

Lemon’s scent, just like a fresh lemon, is slightly sugary and strongly sour. Its fragrance, in addition to being uplifting, is invigorating and clarifying, making it excellent for improving focus and concentration. Sweet orange is the orange most of us are familiar with. Its bright and sugary scent has no trace of sourness and is uplifting and antidepressant. Bitter orange, on the other hand, has a much drier scent. It has bitter top notes complemented by a faintly sweet base. The tree that produces bitter oranges also produces flowers and leaves. The oil distilled from the leaves is called petitgrain bigarade, and is fresh, herbaceous, and sensual. The oil distilled from the flowers is neroli, and has a wonderful sweet, floral scent. Grapefruit’s fresh tangy scent is similar to the scent of a fresh grapefruit, but less bitter, and is refreshing and uplifting. Lime’s refreshing, tangy, and zesty scent has mood-elevating properties. Mandarin’s incredibly sweet scenting is also wonderfully calming. Yuzu’s aroma is bright and complex, resembling a combination of mandarin and grapefruit, and great for calming anxiety, depression, and nerves. Tangerine’s scent is fresh, sweet, citrusy, bright, and intense, just like tangerines. Bergamot has a dry citrus aroma that is bitter and slightly sour with slight floral top notes. The first whiff is quite tart, but the aroma soon settles, and it relieves anxiety and lifts the mood. 

Diffuse Citrulicious in your home to enjoy the aromas and the uplifting benefits of all of these delicious citrus oils! 


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