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Essentique hopes you are staying safe, well, and socially distancing in these crazy times. To help, we are having a promotion on a pair of products that will help keep you healthy. 

One of the best things we can do to avoid catching and spreading the new coronavirus–and many other viruses and bacteria that can make us sick–is to wash our hands well and often. Square 1, Essentique’s beloved hand and body wash, is perfect for this. In addition to ingredients that foam and cleanse, Square 1 has ingredients like apricot oil, botanical blend, chamomile hydrosol, and hydrolyzed oat protein that moisturize, nourish, and soothe your skin. This keeps your hands happy even if you wash them many times a day, for at least 20 seconds each time, as the CDC recommends.

But washing our hands isn’t always an option. That’s where Sanità comes in. This hand rub contains 65% organic alcohol, so it satisfies the CDC guidelines for an alcohol-based hand sanitizer. It also contains herbal blend glycerite and aloe vera to counteract the drying effects of the alcohol. Sanità comes in a one ounce spray bottle, so you can keep it in your pocket, in your bag, and always have it on you. 

But there’s more! A scientific study published in 2019 (1), focused on IBV, a virus in the coronavirus family, revealed the antiviral effects of several different medicinal plants in the Lamiacae family. The antiviral and immunostimulant effects of these plants are due largely to the quantity and quality of phenolic compounds present in them. Sanità and the corresponding Square 1 contain the extracts and essential oils of many of those plants, including organic melissa extract, organic sage essential oil, organic peppermint essential oil, organic thyme essential oil, mountain savory essential oil, organic oregano essential oil, and organic hyssop essential oil. 

Visit our website (as our physical store is closed right now), and add a bottle of Sanità and a bottle of Square 1 in the Sanità scent to your cart. At checkout, use the code sanita15 to receive 15% off on this bundle.

1 lešius, R., Karpovaitė, A., Mickienė, R. et al. In vitro antiviral activity of fifteen plant extracts against avian infectious bronchitis virus. BMC Vet Res 15, 178 (2019).


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