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Blush Super Hydrosol

Although I love all of Essentique’s meticulously formulated creams, lotions, and oils that line the shelves, I have always been drawn to the simple wall of hydrosols inside the boutique. The very first product I purchased from Essentique was a Rose Hydrosol and it turned out to be an amazing decision. Hydrosols are surprisingly versatile and as someone who’s constantly on the go, I need multi-use products that can do it all for me. To my delight, Mandana soon began developing a Rose Hydrosol including Marine Collagen and B5. This upgraded yet still seemingly simple formulation is my new favorite product, Blush. 

Blush still acts as a versatile hydrosol but includes some boosting properties. The Marine Collagen is sourced from fish scales and includes a plethora of necessary amino acids while simultaneously protecting our skin from free radicals and other environmental damages which cause dull skin. This ingredient has a small molecule size so it absorbs quickly and is fast acting. It’s also food-grade and many people take it as a supplement. Personally, I notice the collagen in Blush fills out my under eye lines after I’ve used it in the morning. My skin feels more plump and hydrated which can also be contributed to the B5 in Blush. B5 is a vitamin crucial to maintaining healthy skin, hair, eyes, digestive function, and red blood cells. Although our body produces B5 naturally, using it on your skin can help reduce water loss, reduce the appearance of scarring, and boosts collagen, glycan, and elastin production by stimulating fibroblasts in the middle layer of the skin. 

Although everyone always finds their own unique ways of incorporating hydrosols into their routines, here are some ways I’ve found to be useful. After you wash your face but before you apply any other product, spray on some Blush to soothe skin and add hydration. Use it before applying makeup as a primer. Since Blush fills out fine lines and leaves a dewy surface, makeup slides on and melds better with the skin. Or try it on top of makeup to melt in powders and creams for a natural look. Most commonly, use Blush throughout the day for a relaxing moment of relief and take in the floral aroma. Blush can also be used to create cooling eye pads, as an aftershave, to lightly cleanse the face, as a body mist, and sprayed over the hair (the collagen strengthens hair and gives it a healthy glow) to name just a few other uses. 

For all of you that love hydrosols as much as I do or simply need more multi-purpose products, Blush will be the perfect addition to your cabinet or vanity. Keep it in the fridge for hot summers or just have it handy in your bag for a little pick me up! Experience the soft yet sweet rose aroma you expect from a hydrosol in addition to all it’s super hydrating and reinvigorating inclusions.

By: Rojean Janzad


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