Whether you are soaking up the California sun or retiring to comfortable and secluded shade, experience the personalities of summer with Délicat, a new and invigorating essential oil blend from Essentique. 

One modest breath delivers a myriad of soothing fragrances, all of which are indicative of a picturesque summer’s day.

With gentle floral aromas of rhododendron and rose geranium, feel the gentle breeze susurrate the intricacies of your garden. As the leaves and petals undulate in wind, an amalgamation of fragrances are carried directly to you, so all you have to do is breathe. 

As you take an adventurous initial breath, the calming presence of ylang ylang washes over you, dispelling the tensions of your body and mind. Without hesitation, the stabilizing effects of organic bergamot begin to engulf your senses, shifting your aura towards equilibrium. You begin to feel your troubles being relinquished. Another breath will lift your spirits even further, as the stimulating presence of ginger transports you to a realm of greater energy. Such intimate proximity to the warmth and effervescence of the season is a truly unprecedented experience. 

If you are enduring stressful circumstances in your life, whether it be difficulties at work or great loss, Délicat is natural vehicle for regaining peace and comfort. It allows you to detach from the pressures of the quotidian in a wholesome manner, affording you newfound resilience and serenity.  

This essential oil blend allows you to embrace the comfort and security of the shade, while simultaneously uplifting you with the energy of the sun. Never before have you experienced such  a comforting dichotomy of pure aromatic bliss.

This summer, set your mind, body, and spirit free with Délicat.


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