Conjugated Linolenic Acid in Pomegranate

CLA in pomegranate

Fractionated laser therapy is a procedure that helps with correcting fine lines and wrinkles, smoothing scars and softening marks and repairing skin discoloration and sun spots.. It can have a quite dramatic effect on skin. However it is usually associated with post-treatment erythema, edema and crusting that can last up to two weeks. Research has shown that conjugated linolenic acid (CLA) in pomegranate seed extract has significant antioxidant and anti-inflammatory properties that can shorten downtime following fractionated ablative laser resurfacing of the face without any safety or tolerability issues! It also helps with improvement in wrinkling after the procedure.

I believe every medical spa should have a bottle of pomegranate extract for patients to take home after the treatment.


Reference: A Topical Anti-inflammatory Healing Regimen Utilizing Conjugated Linolenic Acid for Use Post-ablative Laser Resurfacing of the Face: A Randomized, Controlled Trial, October 2017, Douglas C. Wu, PhD, MD and Mitchel P. Goldman, MD



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