Lakshmi Perfume Mist

Lakshmi perfume mist

I created Lakshmi in 2019 when Alka Joshi the author of the book asked me to develop a scent for her book. I never got a chance to write a blog about it, but now with all the excitement around this wonderful book I thought the perfume deserves an introductory blog!

Lakshmi, is inspired by the lush, poignant novel “The Henna Artist.” This book, written by Alka Joshi and chosen as the book of the month for Reese Witherspoon’s book club, tells the story of a young Indian woman, Lakshmi, who escapes an abusive marriage to become one of the most sought-after henna artists in Jaipur. This natural perfume mist captures the essence of Lakshmi, using oils from her native India and notes that remind you of some of the other characters in the story. 

A little about the notes in this all natural perfume mist. These scents are alluring, delicate but bold like Lakshmi. Mysor sandalwood, with warm, creamy undertones and a grounding effect. Champaca, a flower from the magnolia family with a smooth, suave, sultry aroma and effects that are at once euphoric and relaxing. The scent also has neroli, to bring some uplifting and sensual freshness, ylang ylang for its delicious floral aroma and calming effects, rose geranium for balance, lime for citrusy brightness and freshness, black pepper to symbolize Lakshmi’s sister Radha, and coriander to represent her errand boy Malik.

Overall, Lakshmi is fresh, feminine, and floral, just like her modern, strong, and ambitious namesake.

Recently Netflix acquired the rights to Alka Joshi’s novel ‘The Henna Artist’ with Freida Pinto set to star in this epic romance!

Try this perfume mist for yourself to experience the connection between the perfume and the book.


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