Do you love Essentique’s essential oil blends so much that you wish you could always have them on you? Our new perfume, Déjà , invites you to become the most powerful and alluring woman you can be, wherever you go.

Déjà is created with the finest ingredients. Heliotrope, geranium, and tulip are sweet and floral, drawing you in instantly. Ylang ylang, ginger, amber, and mandarin green calm the senses. These combine with pure Egyptian musk, to make this perfume irresistible.

Déjà evokes the image of a woman who has fully embraced her femininity. She walks with confidence, proud of the person she presents to the world. She is bold, intelligent, and fierce, and never accepts limitations. At the same time, she is soft and gentle, handling anything and everything with beauty and grace. She wears Déjà, and carries the sensuality of it with her as she walks through the world. Use the roll-on applicator to dab some Déjà on your wrists and behind your ears, and revel in it as it fills your senses.


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