Bring the season inside your home


Fall is upon us and life is about to get a whole lot cozier. While the weather outside cools down, you remain snuggled up in blankets by a crackling fire. The crisp air washes an array of aromas over you. Breathe deeply.

What does Autumn smell like to you?

At Essentique, The Autumn Spice Blend perfectly encapsulates the season. Fill your home with the festive fragrances that bring comfort: Cinnamon for the sweet-spice of this time of year, Vanilla for the warmth that the weather is lacking, Amber for the rich-earthy scent that fills the outside air, and Nutmeg for the pleasant aroma of home baked goods.

This blend contains many other essential oils, including Ginger, Sweet and Bitter Orange, Lemon, Allspice, Sandalwood, Clove and Cardamom. All of these essential oils are uplifting and help relieve stress, and they work wonderfully together as natural mood booster. This particular blend brings forth feelings of courage and self-awareness to eliminate self-doubt and fear. Sandalwood is specifically known to promote mental clarity when used in aromatherapy, and is often used in meditation and prayer as it creates feelings of relaxation and peace. Beautifully blended and carefully crafted, this blend not only smells incredible but it will also bring relaxation and clarity during this time of year.

Bring the season inside your home with Essentique’s Autumn Spice essential oil blend, and inhale every wonderful thing that Fall has to offer.

By Mary Racz


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