Don’t shy away from eggs


Egg Shampoo

When poking around the internet for methods of treating dry or damaged hair, you may have come across people advocating the use of hair masks made of egg. It’s clear that not only is egg good for your hair— it’s great! Especially in combination with other ingredients that amplify its effects, it can be the perfect revitalizing agent for hair that needs some new life breathed into it.

Egg is packed with protein— for women, one egg is 14% of daily recommended protein intake, which just goes to show how powerfully concentrated the protein is. Your hair is made of protein called keratin, and so adding protein to it in hair washes and conditioners helps provide it with the building blocks it needs to strengthen itself and repair any damage, whether from chemical or heat treatments or just everyday wear. Using eggs to provide the hair with protein is a great choice, since they combine very large amounts of protein with many kinds of vitamins and enzymes. The protein helps the hair become stronger, and with all these other things it becomes hydrated and happier, too.

Egg yolks contain unsaturated fatty acids, which help to keep the hair moisturized and restore hydration to dry and brittle hair. The yolk also has, among other vitamins, vitamin A, which brings moisture to the scalp. Healthy hair can’t grow out of a dry scalp, and so using methods like this to ensure the scalp remains healthy will help the hair grow to be long and beautiful. Beneficial enzymes found in eggs also help clean the scalp and prevent buildup of dandruff or other dirt on the hair. As a whole, eggs help keep your hair clean, strong, and healthy.

The Eggcel wash at Essentique is a great way to use egg to revitalize hair. However, it is not just the egg that makes this wash amazingly healthy and beneficial— other components like blue agave and biotin liposome help do so as well. Blue agave keeps the hair moisturized and maintains it for a while, since the carbohydrates in it draw the moisture close to the hair shaft and hydrate it powerfully. It also serves to protect the hair: the fructose in agave acts as an insulator against environmental stresses. Biotin liposome is also great for keeping the hair healthy and protected. Biotin, also known as vitamin B7, is crucial for hair growth. When applied to the hair through a wash, it improves the quality of thin or splitting hair as well as keeping it flexible and supple. It is packaged in a liposome, which is a tiny vesicle that allows vitamins like biotin to penetrate through the skin and hair, and imbue their benefits deeper within rather than just on the surface.

The egg helps restore strength, the blue agave helps prevent damage in the future, and the biotin liposome helps keep the hair high quality, smooth, and supple. The overall effect, then, is one of revitalized, strong, and beautiful hair. So don’t shy away from eggs— just as they are a powerful, nutritious food to include in your diet, they are also a protein powerhouse that can make a world of difference for your hair.  


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