“Doux.” Pronounced like “do”


Hands & Feet Treatment

Doux.” Pronounced like “do,” it’s the French word for “soft.” Because that’s what this treatment does: it makes your skin unbelievably soft.

Each individual product in the set is targeted towards softening a different part of your body, but that’s not all they do.

Step In:

The first part of the set is Step In, our wonderful foot soak, formulated with ingredients that soothe, refresh, and exfoliate your feet, in addition to softening them. Colloidal oats soothe dry skin, coconut milk hydrates deeply and promotes a healthy glow, honey (with all its antioxidants) nourishes, cleanses, and heals, baking soda removes dead skin cells, marshmallow root softens, and borage oil hydrates and helps retain moisture.

Step In is scented with a delightful blend of essential oils that have been selected to heal your feet and soothe your soul. Eucalyptus and tea tree are both antifungal and antibacterial, lemon is antiseptic and helps heal broken capillaries and varicose veins, peppermint decreases inflammation, rosemary relieves cramps and eases arthritis, and lavandin grosso is calming, antifungal, and helps relieve nervous tension.

Hands On:

Your hands do so much for you, so why not take a few minutes to do something for them in return? Formulated with colloidal oatmeal, coconut milk, honey, baking soda, and marshmallow root, this hand soak leaves your skin feeling soft and supple. Unlike the foot soak, the hand one is formulated with apricot kernel oil. This oil is deeply moisturizing, helps heal wounds, relieves inflamed skin, and promotes elasticity and suppleness. It is quick-absorbing and especially good for use on mature or dry skin.

The essential oils in this soak were hand-picked with your hands in mind. Frankincense decreases inflammation, soothes dry or irritated skin, and revitalizes mature skin. Lavender relieves sunburn and scrapes, reduces inflammation, and may ease arthritis symptoms. Lemon is antiseptic and eases joint swelling. Geranium helps heal scar tissue, tones the skin, and may  calm eczema. Ylang ylang is very beneficial to aging skin. In addition to these physical properties, lavender is calming and lemon is uplifting, putting you in a relaxed and positive state of mind.


Soma, a truly luxurious body oil, leaves skin feeling hydrated, nourished, and smooth. This lovely oil contains unique and prized flower essences that intoxicate the senses while leaving a  beautiful, healthy-looking sheen on your skin without a greasy feel. This oil is available in four magnificent scents, corresponding to the flowers that bloom in each season: magnolia in spring, musk rose in summer, carnation in fall, and cyclamen in winter.


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