Essentique’s boutique front is on Park Boulevard near the corner of California Avenue in Palo Alto’s other downtown. The area is peppered with small, vibrant businesses and alive with the rhythmic beat of hurried footsteps, squealing tires and urgent conversations.

Step into Essentique, however, and the pounding hammer of industry seems to disappear. The pace of life shifts. The layered aroma of diffused essential oils is soothing. The warm, natural light softens the day’s rough edges. The living wall we built at our reception desk pulses with fresh, green life reminding us that there is more in this world than concrete and deadlines. There is connection in the world, too. Between the people we meet. Between our own heart and mind.

time at Essentique – time to connect and to explore a space infused with a spirit that reflects this truth: that true beauty is a subtle but deliberate alchemy of nourishing energies. At Essentique we help you discover that subtle alchemy for yourself.

In addition to a full range of essential oils, hydrosols, carrier oils and stunning carved wood and glass diffusers, we offer an amazing selection of artisanal products for your body, skin and hair.  Our products are made on site in small batches with the finest natural ingredients.  Stop by and let us show you how you can essentique your way to radiant beauty.


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