A Gift to Inspire the Senses

Essentique has created a selection of essential oil gift boxes that will soothe the soul and inspire the senses – just in time for the holiday season.  Using only the finest, 100% pure essential oils, Essentique’s essential oil blends are carefully chosen and perfectly balanced.  Essential oil blends are crafted for specific purposes – they can be uplifting, energizing, calming and soothing.  Blends can be used in the same way as single essential oils:  added to a base oil for massage, applied to a cotton square for indirect inhalation or used in a diffuser.  

We’ve created seven proprietary blends for you to select from for your gift boxes:

  • 4play:  Seductive amber. Flirtatious, confident cyclamen in repose. Provocative, woody cedarwood calms your body and mind. The essence of romance at play.
  • Chillax: The aroma trifecta: lavender is relaxing, citrusy neroli is uplifting while also serving as a mild aphrodisiac, and the pleasantly sweet and tangy aroma of grapefruit is energizing.
  • Cloud 9: The calming blend of citrus aromas combines with a chorus of uplifting, woody notes to create a musical score of scents for a most exalting experience.
  • Go: Clear your mind and enliven your senses with the refreshing blend of citrus and peppermint. Sacred Frankincense relaxes and revitalizes. Watch your spirit soar.
  • Skywalk: The mélange of woody notes in sacred frankincense, patchouli and galbanum calm and ground the senses, creating a balance of body and mind. Vanilla, an effective stress reducing scent, invokes feelings of well-being.
  • Steady Heart:  The fresh notes of citrus quiet scattered minds, inspiring focus and concentration. Rosemary and peppermint stimulate and enhance alertness.
  • Solace:  The heart of a home is familiar and secure. The comforting warmth of amber combines with the balancing scent of myrrh to conjure a cozy mood. Sweet-smelling lily of the valley is the porch swing swaying lazily on a Sunday afternoon.

Our Whiff Love Discovery Set Box 1 ($35) comes packaged in our signature bamboo box.  Select one essential oil blend from the following: 4play, Chillax, Cloud 9, Go, Skywalk, Steady Heart and Solace.

Whiff Love Discovery Set 2 ($85) features three essential oil blends selected from Chillax, Cloud 9, Go, Skywalk, Steady Heart and Solace.  This boxed set is also packaged in our signature bamboo box.

If you want to surprise someone with a unique gift (or if you simply can’t choose between our essential oil blends), then consider Essentique’s Scentsation Set ($150).  This set features six essential oil blends – Chillax, Cloud 9, Go, Skywalk, Steady Heart and Solace– packaged in a gorgeous walnut box with brass hinge and closure.

Our Holiday Essential Oil Blend Gift Boxes are available now for a limited time.  Stop by Essentique today and let us help you design a gift that will inspire the senses.


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