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Éternité. It means eternity in French, and that is how long this perfume lasts. But the scent not only lingers on your skin, it evolves. When you smell it in the bottle, it’s bright and citrusy, with uplifting bergamot and lime taking center stage. The first application onto the skin changes the dynamic, and sandalwood balances and heals and pepper takes charge a bit more. Once it settles on your skin, the floral notes come out.  and and the boronia, violet, and mimosa do an elegant little dance. The rich and warm floral-like scent of boronia has a highly relaxing and sometimes aphrodisiac effect on body and mind. Violet reinforces the calm by comforting the nervous system. The woody-floral scent of mimosa is calming and centering. Eternité has bottled for forever the harmonious scent of a garden on a bright spring day. Surround yourself with it and let its beauty inspire and brighten your everyday.


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