Voglia: Longing for Luxury


Essentique’s new perfume oil, Voglia, will leave people craving you.  In Italian, Voglia translates to longing or desire, which is precisely what this perfume does. By simply catching a whiff of the incredible aromatic blend, passersby will be yearning for a taste of you. The perfume oil smells like velour; It is silky, velvety, and luxurious, while also being deliciously satisfying. Combining the essential oils of Ylang Ylang Complete, Sandalwood, Vanilla Bourbon CO2, Blue Lotus Attar, and Labdanum Absolute, this carefully crafted scent is unlike any other.

Blue Lotus Attar combines the rich and exotic scent of the Blue Lotus flower with Sandalwood’s distinctive soft, creamy, wooden scent to leave the inhaler with the sense of a mysterious story that is aching to unfold. Added to that is the intensely sweet, rich, and floral aroma of Ylang Ylang that will leave you reminiscing your tropical vacation. Labdanum Absolute is known for its tenaciously warm, amber-infused notes of floral, and it ties all of the essential oils together, creating one masterpiece: Voglia.


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