Facial Oil Cleansing: Lumin8

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When people think of washing their faces, they usually don’t imagine oil as their cleanser. However, oil cleansing is a trendy cleansing method that works better than you’d think. Instead of using a harsh cleanser that strips away the healthy, natural oils produced by your face, try dissolving like-with-like by using a gentle and moisturizing oil cleanser like Lumin8 !

As a lipophilic solvent, oil is attracted to other oils that are found in sebum and makeup products. This allows oils to dissolve makeup and wash away dirt. Oils are incredibly healthy and packed with antioxidants that your skin can benefit from!

Lumin8 is created with the perfect blend of different oils, such as rosehip oil, argan oil, and tamanu oil. Rosehip oil is very hydrating, and helps to make your skin more vibrant. Argan oil contains Vitamins A, B1, B2, B6, and E, and also contains carotene and omega 6 and 9 fatty acids. Full of helpful compounds, argan oil is an effective cleanser with great health benefits for your skin. Finally, tamanu oil is great for skin regeneration, helping with blemishes and scars, and has anti-acne, antiseptic, anti-inflammatory, and antibacterial properties.

To use Lumin8 as a cleanser, wet your face with warm water to open your pores. Rub a generous amount of Lumin8 into your skin. Massaging increases blood flow in your skin and helps the oil to lift out sebum, dirt, and other pollutants that may have gotten into your pores. To use Lumin8 to remove makeup, put two pumps of Lumin8 onto a wet cotton pad and wipe the pad across your face in circles to dissolve makeup. Repeat until the pad comes off clean. In both cases, use a wet washcloth or cotton pads to remove the excess oil at the end.

Using Lumin8 makes sure your face is completely clean but not tight and dehydrated. Try oil-cleansing today! You will be amazed by the results.


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