Surround Yourself with Orchid


Essentique’s facial serum, Pétale, now has a new addition! Orchid stem cell is newly incorporated into the original Pétale formula to add to the wonderful ingredient list. Pétale already has orchid milk and orchid absolute which makes orchid stem cell a perfect addition to this beautiful serum. 

To obtain orchid stem cells, plant stem cells are extracted from the Japense orchid flower (Calanthe Discolor). Using these cells in skin care can provide a rejuvenating effect by restoring firmness, elasticity, and redefining the contour of the jawline and eye area. Especially around the eyes, orchid stem cell can have a lifting effect to open up the eye for a refreshed look. It can also be helpful to reduce the appearance of fine wrinkles and restore dull or rough skin

Multiple in vitro studies on tissue cells have found orchid stem cell extracts to induce several growth factors and stimulate the production of tissue proteins that help keep our skin youthful and healthy. Such proteins include mainly collagen and elastin, which make up much of the structural layer of our skin and maintains plumpness and firmness. 

For current users of Pétale, we cannot wait to see how much you are going to love this new addition. If you have not yet tried our facial serum, now is the perfect time to test out our new and improved Pétale. Apply it to a clean face, before a moisturizer to be left with a healthy glow and further nourish and repair your skin. Prepare to surround yourself with orchid!

By Rojean Janzad


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