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Fruits are nature’s candy. We love to eat them, and they manage to be both a healthy and indulgent food that tastes delicious while bringing a whole host of nutrients and all-natural benefits. Those same nutrients and benefits can be very helpful not only for the body, but also for the hair. And who hasn’t wished for a great hair wash with a fruity scent from real fruit? A whole range of fruits are used in Essentique’s hair washes: from guava to cucumber, each one plays an important role in the wash it’s in.

A crucial component of fruits for hair health is vitamin C. This super-vitamin helps build collagen, a strong protein that helps with hair growth, and promotes scalp health by helping the blood bring more necessary nutrients to the scalp. Fruits also have a wide variety of other vitamins and minerals which improve the health of the hair, and often have a very high water content, making them great hydrators. Nature’s candy, I’d say! Putting all these benefits in one thing seems almost unfair, but it would be wrong not to take advantage of all of these things.

All the fruits below play these roles (keeping the hair strong and moisturized and keeping the scalp healthy) but each have extra individual benefits as well.

Apple lends the ForBitten hair wash a lovely scent, like a fresh apple has just been cut open right in front of you. Who wouldn’t want to carry that aroma around with them, and have sweet, fruity smelling hair all day? But it doesn’t stop there: apple has a lot of other benefits beyond the beautiful scent. It is a powerful hydrator because there is such a high water content, and helps maintain a healthy, dandruff-free scalp, as well as promoting skin rejuvenation. Since it is an effective ingredient to use against cell and tissue damage, apple not only helps repair damage but also prevent it in the future. By strengthening the roots of the hair, it prevents hair loss and promotes growth of healthy, hydrated locks.  Apple also is full of vitamins and nutrients, including vitamins A, B, C and K, as well as malic acid, which gives the hair a lovely shine and helps to keep it clean.

The Quench hair wash contains watermelon, a natural moisturizer that leaves the hair feeling silky smooth and conditioned. Like apple, watermelon promotes hair growth due to the presence of the amino acid arginine. This improves blood flow to the scalp: healthy hair can’t grow from an unhealthy scalp, so as a result the hair grows much faster and stronger. Watermelon also contains biotin, a compound from the vitamin B family that prevents hair loss. Watermelon is such a deep natural moisturizer that the Quench wash can be used without a conditioner— no need to augment the natural conditioning effects of the fruit itself. Plus, the natural carbohydrates and amino acids help make the skin and the hair rejuvenated, and protect it from everyday environmental factors that could cause damage.

Similarly, grape in the Dew Be Dew wash brings natural conditioning, moisturizing, and strengthening effects. Grape contains a whole bunch of vitamins, including vitamin E, which helps prevent dandruff by hydrating the scalp. Linolenic acid, found in grapes, also helps prevent hair loss by strengthening the follicles and keeping the hair itself strong and healthy. Grapes are well known for their antioxidants and anti-inflammatory benefits, both of which help to keep the hair and skin healthy. Like the other fruits, it contains high levels of vitamins A, B, and C, which can prevent hair loss and breakage, and keep the hair lustrous and shiny. The AloeVa wash’s guava acts similarly, as a natural conditioner and an excellent way to prevent dandruff and keep the hair happy and healthy. Like grape, it is high in vitamins A, B, and C, and it keeps the hair protected against potential damage. Guava is also a great natural source of fiber, which can add volume and strength to the hair.  

Another natural conditioner can be found in papaya, a sweet-smelling fruit that influences the beautiful aroma of the Supermasque hair mask. Papaya’s specialty lies in its high vitamin A content, which promotes the body to release natural oils that keep your hair conditioned. The Vitamin C in it also contains antioxidants which help to soothe and soften the skin, and Vitamin A helps to reveal the next layer of skin, allowing it to be smooth, fresh, and exfoliated. This also helps balance the oiliness of the skin and moisturize dry areas.

Worried about keeping your curly hair under control? Mega Marine includes cucumber and will work wonders on making unruly hair manageable. It is debated whether or not cucumber can be counted as a fruit, but it’s sure that it can be counted among natural ingredients that benefit your hair and keep it strong, silky, and growing. Cucumber contains silica, a compound that promotes hair growth and moisture. Silica is one of the most common compounds on earth and has a wide variety of benefits, including keeping the hair supple and strong. Cucumber, then, is great not only for calming unruly hair but also for keeping it soft, smooth, and strong.

So be sure to get your daily fruits and vegetables, but don’t forget that they are good for your whole body, including your hair. There is no need to rely on synthetic ingredients for effective hair washes and treatments, especially when nature has provided us with very effective solution. Using fruits can bring all sorts of benefits for your hair. Try it out to discover the possibilities!


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