Introducing GABA, one of the key ingredients in our complex natural facial firming cream Elevate, and what it can do for your skin.


GABA also known as γ-Aminobutyric Acid (GABA), a non-protein amino acid naturally present in the body. It is green and ECOCERT and is produced by lactobacillus fermentation. GABA is an anti-aging and multifunctional cellular stimulant with the following benefits:

  1. Skin Smoothness and Wrinkles Reduction
    GABA has the ability to penetrate the skin quickly. It can relax tense muscles to reduce small wrinkles and lines. A study showed that after applying cream containing GABA continually for 1 week, fine lines and average depth of wrinkles were reduced, giving the skin natural elasticity with a youthful and fresh look. Some have likened the effect to topical Botox.
  2. Anti-inflammatory Effect with Skin Repair benefits
    GABA can improve skin barrier function by promoting synthesis of involucrin (one of the skin barrier proteins) and glutathione (a hero antioxidant with skin brightening effect), leading to reduction of roughness in the skin that is usually the result of external stressors such as dry weather, UV and pollution.
  3. Promote the synthesis of Hyaluronic Acid and Collagen.
    GABA can promote the synthesis of HA and collagen, thus improving skin moisture and elasticity. 

Where to find GABA?

You can find GABA in Elevate, our firming facial cream. This cream is formulated for mature skin to give it plumpness and the radiance of youthful skin. There are many high performance active ingredients in this product and GABA is one of them!


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