Home! Sweet Home!

Where is it that you feel most comfortable and safe? For most people, the answer is home. So what does home smell like? The technical answer is different for everyone (everyone’s house smells a bit different), but everyone recognizes their own home’s scent as comforting and familiar.

In one of his poems, the famous American poet Robert Frost described home as

“…the place where, when you have to go there,

They have to take you in…

Something you somehow haven’t to deserve.”

Solace captures this feeling: the joy and safety and warmth and beauty that we all feel at home. Cedarwood and (bitter and sweet) orange together create a sweet and warm grounding base, like the heart of your home. The warmth of amber combined with the balancing scent of myrrh brings a certain kind of coziness to a space. And sweet-smelling lily of the valley is final touch, that reminds you of all the happy memories of friendships and laughter that were made in your home.

In the last few months of living in a dorm (that smells more like sweat and cleaning products than the smells of cooking or flowers that fill my family’s house), I’ve missed the comforting scent of home. But I found it again in Solace–even though the aromas are not exactly the same, the sentiment is.

There’s no place like home. Diffuse Solace, wherever you are, and be transported back to that magical place!


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