Mother’s Day is just around the corner!

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Have you started thinking about it yet? What are you going to do for your mom, or for your children’s mom? Are you stuck because it seems that she already has everything she wants or needs? How can you possibly ever repay her in kind for what she has done for you? Have no fear—Essentique has got your back with our Mother’s day gift guide with something for every kind of mama.

First up, the Chef Mamas. These are the moms who are always in the kitchen—they love to cook, and they show their love through cooking. Give them the gift of Square 1 (a hand and body wash which they can customize with scents, avocado oil (whose natural fats will work wonders for their hair and skin), Eggcel (a nourishing and voluming hair wash made with real eggs), or cardamom essential oil (which they can diffuse in their home to recreate the scent of baking).

Next, the Fit Mamas. These moms like to take care of their bodies, but we can’t pretend that having kids hasn’t made that a little bit more difficult. Help your mama stay fit! Give her the gift of Go (an inspiring and energizing essential oil blend), hydrosols (which will help them naturally refresh after a tough workout), or Supple or Soma (to keep their skin soft and supple over their strong muscles).

For the Mindful Mama, time to herself to think and meditate is very important, whether this involves spirituality, prayer, or just awareness of herself. Give this mama the gift of Muse (our essential oil blend formulated to be both grounding and inspiring during meditation), diffusers (which will facilitate any meditation practice), frankincense essential oil (which can help make meditations more empowering and purposeful), or Bloom (which will encourage some mindfulness towards her skin also).

The Working Mama has a lot on her plate—her work and her family—and is always on the go. Give her some time off with Chillax (an essential oil blend for relaxation), Solace (to restore peace and comfort), Reverie (in case all of her responsibilities are beginning to infringe on her precious sleep), Steady Heart (to keep her balanced and strong), or Pumpkin Peel (an enzyme facial peel mask so she can start her busy weeks with a clean slate).  

For the Sexy Mama, motherhood did not mean the end of her womanhood. She is still very much in tune with and expressive of her sexuality. Help her tap into that with 4Play (an essential oil blend with four essential oils to set the mood), Free Fall (a sensuous perfume blend), Soma (to keep her skin deliciously lovely to touch), or Neroli hydrosol (with its intoxicatingly sweet floral scent).

The soon To-Be Mama has her hormones running all over the place, and is likely focusing her energy on growing a child instead of taking care of herself. Help her out with Soma (which she can add to a bath to luxuriate for a little bit and treat her skin), Lumin8 (an easy, one-step, nourishing cleanser), Butter Up (to add some style to her hair), or Dazzle (to restore vitality to the ends of her hair).

The Swanky Mama loves her little bit of luxury. Treat her to Rose Otto Essential Oil (one of the most precious essential oils because of just how many rose petals go into a tiny bottle), Luminescence (an absolutely delightful body scrub made with ground walnut), Supermasque (a deliciously nourishing hair mask with coconut and papaya), a face mask (either Clean Clay or Vipaka), or Doux (a manicure/pedicure package she can bring with her for the perfect spa experience).

The Earth Mama is interested in all things natural and organic—the shorter the distance between the soil and her, the better. Give her a carrier oil: pure, unrefined oils from nuts and seeds whose fats will nourish, soften, and treat her skin. These can be used as massage oils, hair oils, oil cleansers, and ore, and a couple of drops of essential oil added into them makes them that much more interesting.

The Sleepless Mama really only wants one thing: sleep. Give it to her with Chillax (an essential oil blend for relaxation), Reverie (the blend that combats insomnia), and an aromatherapy diffuser so that she can make the most of these blends.

And then there’s the Maverick Mama—the mama who knows what she wants and already has it all. This mama is always the most difficult to shop for, so don’t! Give her an Essentique Gift Card, and let her choose the products that are right for her.

From now until Mother’s Day, get 20% off your purchase of the above products when you mention the name of your Mama in store. Show your mama how special she is! Give her a specially selected gift set of natural beauty and aromatherapy products lovingly handmade in Palo Alto. There’s a set for every kind of mama. Give love. Give Essentique.


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