If you are over 30 you should consider Ceramides!


Find out more about ceramides and their benefits. How we lose natural ceramides in our hands and face as we age, and how to supplement them.

Lipid Barrier

What exactly are ceramides and what do ceramides do?

The uppermost layers of skin naturally consist of high concentration of lipids or in another word fats! This includes Ceramides, free fatty acids and cholesterol that together create skin barrier lipids that play a vital role in defending our skin from environmental threats (such as free radicals, pollution, seasonal factors, UV irradiation and other irritants). Skin barrier is our first line of defense and we need to pay a great deal of attention to it to make sure it is healthy and functioning well. It also plays an important role in protecting our skin by retaining skin moisture. Another role of skin barrier is working as a gate keeper facilitating selective transportation of molecules inside-out and outside-in the skin.

To be more precise, our skin  barrier lipid composition is shown in the table below. 

Skin Barrier Lipid Composition

As we age the level of ceramides in the skin decreases. Environmental stressors also contribute to this process. The chart below shows how much ceramides we lose as we age. By losing ceramide the skin barrier weakens, leading to dry, dull and blemished skin.

Ceramide Level

What are the benefits of ceramides?

Adding Ceramides to your beauty routine can benefit your skin by strengthening the skin lipid barrier, improving skin moisturization, offering deep long lasting hydration, protecting it from harmful external factors and counteracting dermal photo aging. Ceramides also work as antioxidants and contributes to firm and supple skin. Ceramides are great for dry and irritated skin and can help soothe skin irritation and provide an additional barrier to certain cases of dry skin. If you have a mature skin you may also consider supplementary ceramides.

Which skin types are ceramides best for?

So, in a nutshell if you are over 30s or you have a damaged skin you should consider ceramides. Ceramides are naturally a part of your skin, therefore, they are ideal for all skin types even for extremely sensitive, breakout-prone, or oily skin. Hands also loses ceramides, so it is important to use hand lotions with Ceramide content. The level of ceramides in skin is also affected by seasonal changes, usually higher during summer and the level decreases during spring and lowest during winter time.

Which Essentique products contain ceramides?

You can find ceramides in Amorous, hand and body cream, Petale, facial Serum and Elevate firming facial cream.


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