Is Eye Cream Really Necessary?

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From a young age, I remember seeing my mom buy these expensive tiny pots of ultra thick creams just to put under her eyes at night. From then on I, like many others in the beauty community, was under the belief that eye cream was absolutely crucial. I thought in order to prevent under eye circles, treat and prevent wrinkles, and hydrate your orbital area, an eye cream was an absolutely necessary step in everybody’s routine. Now I’ve come to understand that eye cream is really only necessary if you think it is. Meaning, if you have specific concerns you wish to target such as dark circles or drooping, then an eye cream specifically formulated for those concerns would be beneficial. Otherwise, an eye cream shouldn’t be necessary if you have a good moisturizer. 

Although it’s easy to get caught up in the multitude of different skin care products and all the promises they make, skin care can be fairly simple and still extremely effective. Having a few really good products is always more worth it than stocking up on a variety of things you don’t full heartedly love. For this reason, the average person should be able to use their moisturizer as an eye cream and see results, that is if their moisturizer is any good. Generally, eye creams include an emollient which softens the skin and a humectant which draws in moisture and locks it in. Examples of emollients include Hyaluronic Acid and Cocoa Butter while humectants are ingredients like Aloe Vera Gel and Glycerin. Combined, these ingredients give the skin more volume which combats wrinkles and fine lines (a main concern for those using eye cream). However, good moisturizers and serums should include emollients and humectants as well and therefore should perform the same as any fancy eye cream. 

At Essentique, you can find at least one ingredient included that will specifically target the eye area in almost every facial product. For example, in our customer favorite facial serum, Pétale, Orchid Stem Cell has been incorporated into all our new batches to help reduce drooping in the upper eyelid. Pétale also includes ceramides (lipids that make up 50% of your skin) which can reduce puffiness in the eyes and diminish tired eye. Our facial cleansing oil, Lumin8 has a considerable impact on lashes since the combination of high quality oils in the cleanser promotes thickness and fullness. Elevate firming facial cream includes hexapeptides which masks signs of lost sleep by also reducing puffing around the eyes while R3 facial serum targets under eye circles. 

Good products should be able to be used all over your face and still produce results. The hype around eye creams are a long lasting marketing tactic designed to make customers believe they need to buy more products than they need. Instead of going out and buying a multitude of products that each performs decently, Essentique believes you should be able to buy a few really amazing products that will perform outstandingly. So if you’re one to religiously apply eye cream, maybe try ditching it and see for yourself if it was really necessary to begin with.  

By: Rojean Janzad


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