Steady Heart, Steady Mind


Everyone has those lazy mornings where you feel sluggish or too tired to take on the day just yet. Maybe you woke up late or the prospect of all the tasks piled up for the day just seem too daunting. For those kinds of mornings Steady Heart Essential Oil Blend is the perfect scent to diffuse. 

With bright scents of citrus, rosemary, and peppermint, this blend keeps you alert and active. It’s a beautiful morning aroma to get you motivated and ready to face your busy day. The herbal zest of Steady Heart is uplifting and stimulating while also being soothing and centering which is especially helpful for those of us with scattered minds. Steady Heart includes a blend of organic lemon, bergamot, mandarine green, sage, peppermint, grapefruit, and rosemary amongst a few other oils to build a complex and rich scent. 

I personally love to use a couple drops in my morning shower so the steam can carry the aroma and stimulate my senses to wake me up and calm me if I am feeling stress or anxiety. For a little boost, focus, and a soothing stimulation, start your day with Steady Heart. 

By Rojean Janzad


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