Jazzed with Jasmine

Essential Oils naturally are known for their detoxifying, antibacterial, and calming properties, and for thousands of years they have been used for various purposes. Whether that be for their health benefits or their medicinal properties, it remains certain that they are not going anywhere.
Recently, I tested out Essentique’s Jasmine Grandifloria Absolute essential oil, and I was in disbelief. Originating in India, these delicate flowers must be harvested at sunrise in order to maintain their heavenly scent, and they must be handled with care. It takes around 3.6 million blossoms to create just one pound of this scent, making it one of the most expensive in the world, but it does not disappoint.
Besides its therapeutic properties, Jasmine can be used to treat a variety of things like anxiety and insomnia. Because of its uplifting effects on the mind, it actually actively fights depression. This flower is also an aphrodisiac, and is known for its many properties that are helpful for both male and female reproductive organs.
Personally, when I first diffused this scent, I could actually feel my stress slipping away. Cheesy as it sounds, once this aroma had reached my nose, I was in love. With its sweet, soft, yet potent characteristics, it truly stands out from the rest. Due to all of its incredible qualities, the jasmine essential oil has definitely earned its place at the top of my favorite scents. With this beautiful, elegant scent wafting through your home, you will feel yourself relax and drift into an enchanted jasmine trance.
Essentique’s new perfume oil, Ballare, features a top-note of night-blooming jasmine that is simply beautiful. The blend brings out the passion in us all, and enthralls passerbys to dare to dance. Fall in love with your moves, and watch as you sway the hearts of others.

By Mary Racz


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