What’s On Mandana’s Mind: Limited Editions Coming Soon

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If you know Mandana, you know she loves to play! You can often find her blending different essential oils, exploring a new ingredient, making a fresh face mask, or having some other kind of fun in the lab. Sometimes this results in a new version of an existing product or in an entirely new product or line of products, but sometimes it doesn’t get that far and these new creations stay with Mandana, clients that curiously follow her adventures and the people who happen to walk into the store that day. This is a real shame, since a lot of these creations are absolutely wonderful. 

Starting now, that’s going to change. We will start making these special products fresh from our lab available to all of you, on a first come first serve basis. When Mandana cooks up something wonderful and new, whether it’s a soap bar, a fresh face mask, or an essential oil blend, she’ll send out an email announcing it. The product will be available, in limited quantities for a short period of time, for you to order while supplies last. This will give you a chance to treat yourself and try something new from our lab, even if it never makes it onto our shelves. Stay tuned for the first email announcing this!


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