What makes Fenominal so phenomenal?!


Summertime is here! And while you may already be thinking about your beach body, have you given any thought to your beach hair? Don’t you want your hair to look and feel as relaxed as you will soon be?

Try Fenominal. This leave-in conditioner will leave your coarse, dry, unruly curls looking smooth and elongated. It hydrates, softens, and de-frizzes your hair, leaving you with a relaxed volume (that will help you cut down on styling time) perfect for beachy waves or other fun summer looks. What makes Fenominal so phenomenal?

Macadamia oil is rich in essential fatty acids and high in antioxidants. It cleanses, softens, and provides protective benefits to the hair. Murumuru Oil is a gentle moisturizer that helps improve hair’s elasticity and suppleness. Rich in Vitamin A and omega 3 and 6, it helps to control frizzy hair, soften brittle or split ends, and shine hair. Fenugreek Extract is an excellent conditioner that cools and soothes the scalp, leaving hair lustrous, silky, and fuller-looking. Aloe vera gel acts as a great conditioner, leaving it smooth and shiny, and gives hair more elasticity and protection against breakage. Coconut oil penetrates hair quickly and deeply–moisturizing, conditioning, detangling, and protecting hair. Quinoa protein provides strong repairing and protective properties to address drying, splitting, or tangling. It’s high amino acid content will restore hydration to the hair’s cuticle, freeing and preventing tangles, and making it particularly suitable for hair that is excessively dry.

Together, these ingredients make for an absolutely phenomenal leave-in conditioner that will give you glorious hair this summer!


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