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Protein in all forms is extremely important. Whether sourced from food or topical products, its inclusion in your daily rituals is crucial to providing the body with all the nutrients it needs. You may know the importance of a protein-rich diet, but have you heard of the wonders it works on hair? Look no further. All of Essentique’s hair washes and conditioners contain a source of protein, and each kind brings its own unique benefits to the product.

Hair is made of keratin, a protein that forms the internal structure and protective external cuticle of the hair shaft. It’s easy to damage this protein–heat, chemical treatments, and everyday life can degrade its health. In order to keep it healthy and keep your hair beautiful, then, it needs to be strengthened and repaired. An excellent way to do this is to add protein to the hair. Additional proteins help furnish keratin with the building blocks it needs to repair itself, and improve its strength and vitality for the future.

An important process in the synthesis of proteins used for hair is hydrolysis, which breaks the protein down into smaller subunits or even single amino acids. Since hydrolyzed proteins are so small, the body can absorb them with little to no effort, making them excellent for imbuing the hair with extra protein to build it back up to health. Essentique’s AloeVa hair wash uses hydrolyzed oat protein, which softens, smoothes, and conditions the hair, on top of the natural strengthening effects that any protein brings.

For the gentlemen,  Stud Suds contains hydrolyzed wheat protein. Wheat protein is excellent for maintaining moisture in the hair, and preventing hair loss, so using it in a hair wash will keep everything feeling hydrated and silky smooth.

Proteins are not just for the washing process, though— find hydrolyzed quinoa protein in the Fenominal leave-in conditioner. Quinoa is a great source of protein in your diet. It also packs a punch of amino acids, making it great for the hair. Those amino acids soak into the cuticle of the hair, giving it long-lasting moisture and smoothness, and preventing the hair shaft from drying, splitting, and tangling.   

Plant keratin is another form of hydrolyzed protein, found in the Euphoric hair wash, the RevitAçai conditioner, and the Supermasque hair mask. Plant proteins soak into the hair beautifully and easily, providing strength and moisture without leaving any of the buildup that animal proteins sometimes do. Plant keratin is a blend of keratin from several different sources, including hydrolyzed proteins from oat, wheat, and other natural sources. This combines the benefits of hydrolyzed proteins with the smoothness that comes from using plant proteins, strengthening the hair and giving it a beautiful shine.

In the ForBitten hair wash, the revitalizing proteins found in silk add shine to the hair and give a protective coat to prevent damage, leaving the hair soft and silky to the touch.

Kale  protein in the Quench hair wash is full of vitamin A and E, which help to revitalize the hair and leave it with great elasticity.

The Eggcel hair wash uses albumen, which comes from egg whites, and is another strong protein that gives the hair shine and moisture.

Luxe Locks 2.0 contains chia and bamboo proteins. The proteins found in chia seeds thicken, hydrate, and add shine to the hair, bringing volume, life, and joy back to hair. Bamboo extract works wonders on the hair’s ability to retain a style for a long period of time and forms a layer over the cuticle of the hair, protecting it from the potential damage of styling.

All the different varieties of protein bring unique benefits and properties to the washes and conditioners they are in, but the overall importance lies in the inclusion of any protein. The hair needs protein to prevent it from becoming damaged and to keep your luscious locks healthy and moisturized. Look for protein in your diet to keep you strong, and keep protein in your routine to do the same for your hair.


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