Introducing our new and improved POM-made, a natural approach to styling hair that offers a dry feel and manageable hold with effective edge control that also nourishes and repairs your hair.

If you love Pom-made, please keep reading! 

If you are not familiar with Pom-made, please keep reading!

Pom-made 2.0 is the enhanced version of our original moisturizing hair styling treatment with additional scientifically proven and effective ingredients. Original formula had eight main ingredients in it, whereas the new formula has 23! It has a dryer feel offering manageable hold with super effective edge control. It is not only a styling hair product, but will also nourish and repair your hair! This new edition is an excellent choice for men who are looking for a medium hold, without flakiness or wet look. 

Let’s take a look at some of the new ingredients in POM-made 2.0.


Looking at the hair morphology of the cortex, it consists of:

  • Fatty acids (Lipids): appr. 70%
  • Cholesterol Sulfate: appr. 14%
  • Cholesterol: appr. 7%
  • Ceramides: appr. 7%

Our hair is constantly exposed to different environmental aggressors such as UV rays and pollution as well as harsh styling treatments like straightening or bleaching which could lead to hair damage. Damage of the hair structure can increase hair breakage, hair swelling, and deterioration of the culicula structure. Ceramide and various oils are known to help in repairing the hair. They will refill the lacking ceramides in the cell membrane complex resulting in an improvement in the cohesion of hair cells. Hair will lose less protein fragments in turn leading to a reduction of hair breakage. It will make the hair surface more hydrophobic and reducing the absorption of water which means reduction of hair swelling. 


The lipids in this formula are a combination of meticulously chosen oils, butters and waxes such as, Baobab oil, Murumuru butter, Macadamia butter, Sal Butter, Myrica and Berry wax in order to join forces with the ceramides to repair hair, give it additional nourishment and a nice hold without buildup and greasiness. These lipids give the hair noticeable volume and shine.

Hyaluronic Acid

Another ingredient in this version is Hyaluronic acid that ​​provides excellent moisturizing and repairing efficacies for hair strands. It makes your hair more hydrated and brings back the elasticity of your hair to make it look healthier.

Amazonian Lily

The addition of Amazonian Lily Extract gives it the ability to calm and nourish hair while making it luxurious, manageable and shiny. Rich in starch, glucose, oils and tannins, it provides anti-inflammatory benefits that aid in soothing the scalp while deeply conditioning the hair with significant frizz reduction.

And More …

Kaolin Clay and Micronized Oat powder was added to the formula for its moisture and oil control properties giving the hair a nice hold. By absorbing impurities and excess oils they can keep your hair and scalp clean for another extra couple of days!

Another addition is PCA Glyceryl Oleate, a 100% natural and ECOCERT ingredient that is capable of attaching to hair and replacing the lipid layer that has been removed by harsh physical and chemical treatments such as bleaching and flat ironing. It doesn’t build up and has a very light feel that reduces frizziness and static electricity on hair.

And of course we haven’t forgotten about hydration of your hair. Pomegranate Sterol, a natural alternative to petroleum based products, has the ability to hold water more than double its weight to act as a delivery system holding water on the surface of your hair and increasing barrier function.

And, last but not least, is the lovely natural scent of Pomegranate that perfectly completes your experience with this lovely hair pomade: POM-made!

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