Pomegranate: Crown Jewel of Fruits

It’s Pomegranate season and perfect time to talk about the exceptional qualities of this rich and elegant oil. Pomegranate, Punica granatum, contains high levels of Punicic acid (74%), a long chain omega-5 fatty acid that is named after the pomegranate; Punica. Punicic acid is a conjugated fatty acid with a high biological effect that makes pomegranate oil feel thick and heavy despite its unsaturated characteristics. This plant is native to Iran and some parts of India. Punicic acid is a super nourishing fatty acid and does wonders for skin. It can protect the skin, it is anti-inflammatory, antimicrobial and has some cell regenerating properties. I love using pomegranate oil during winter time as the oil feels relatively thick and rich on skin and protects the internal moisture balance of the skin. It is great for skin elasticity and damaged skin due to environmental exposure and keeping your skin looking young, tight and subtle. 

Pomegranate oil’s fame is not just limited to its Punicic acid content. It also possesses a variety of phytohormones (such as Phytoestrogens), phytosterols, flavonoids and polyphenols which gives it antioxidative properties making it a great option for mature complexions. Gallic acid is the main phenolic acid content in Pomegranate Seed Oil followed by Catechin with its anti-oxidizing properties. They may help with healing wounds and soothes burns and roughness in the skin. Try it on your chapped heels and enjoy the regenerating effects of it. For thin skin the ellagic acid content of pomegranate seed oil can help with rebuilding collagen and making it look and feel thicker. Ellagic acid is also emerging as a skin lightening agent acting as tyrosinase inhibitor. It is also considered a potent antioxidant. Another interesting property of pomegranate seeds is that it is rich in estrogens. Its estrogenic compounds, estrone and estradiol are chemically identical to those biosynthesized in human body.

Make sure you get your Pomegranate seed oil unrefined, organic and cold pressed. Store it cool to prolong shelf life (between 15C-20C) as because of high content of unsaturated fatty acids it tends to go rancid fast.

You can also find Pomegranate CO2 Extract which is more potent than the regular Pomegranate seed oil, in Reine the facial oil serum and Elevate, the firming facial cream.


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