Do you double cleanse?!


One of my favorite skin care regimen is double cleansing. You may ask what the heck is “double cleansing!?” Double cleansing is a back to back cleansing!

I like to do double cleansing at night to make sure my skin is clear of what is left on it after a long day. I like to start with an oil cleanser to break up and remove makeup, dirt, and pollutants from my skin. Oil is the best cleanser for removing debris and anything skin may be exposed to during the day. I use Lumin8 which by itself can be used as an oil moisturizer!

The second cleanser I like to use is either Clair, Uplift or if I am showering at night I like to use my favorite cleaning pod Viso! Second cleanse is intended for a deeper cleaning along with use of targeted ingredients to address some skin issues like acne and breakouts, exfoliating or balancing your skin’s microbiome.

If you don’t care about double cleansing it is totally fine, you can just opt for one cleanse and try to be as thorough as you can. Probably spending about 45 to 60 seconds should be a good start!

Happy Cleansing!


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  1. For a few months, I am facing with dirt and clog pores issues on my face, and I also wanted to look for a new face cleansing product that will help solve this problem. I came to find your blog when I was browsing through some online blogs. Thank you for introducing me to this new method of doing double-cleansing. I will definitely try this method and see if this solves my problem or not.
    Thank you for sharing this information with us. It is quite helpful. Keep writing more such blogs.

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