Pool-Proof Your Hair

Learn how to protect your locks from damaging chlorine in the pool. Your hair will feel and look healthier if you follow these simple steps before hitting the pool.

Hair pool

It’s summertime and we all love being by the pool and getting our swimming fix. But our hair doesn’t really enjoy the contact with chlorine in the water. So, how do we protect our hair from the damaging chemicals in the pool? The best is to create a barrier between your hair and the chlorine.

Here are some steps you need to follow:

Wet your hair before hitting the pool

You don’t want to wet your hair with the chlorinated water in the pool. Rinse your hair with fresh water before hitting the pool. Some like to do it with bottled water, but you should be ok with just using a shower. 

Rationale behind this step: Dry hair soaks water like a sponge. When already wet it will slow down the absorption of chlorinated water.

Saturate your hair with a hair conditioner

You will get two benefits with this step. You are giving your hair a nice treatment because the conditioner will stay in your hair for a while and it is like giving your hair a hair mask treatment! The thicker the conditioner the better. Supermasque is great for this step.  You can also mix your conditioner with some Dazzle hair oil and then apply it to the wet hair.

The hair mask and hair oil will add an additional layer to your hair and protect it from the chlorinated water.

Wear a swim cap or ponytail your hair 

You can add an additional layer of protection by wearing a hair cap. If not, ponytail or topknot your hair so while swimming the water won’t wash off the conditioner from your hair.

After swim care

Make sure you rinse your hair immediately after swimming.

Wash it with a mild and gentle Cowash like Maruculous, which is great for serious swimmers that swim regularly everyday. Rule of thumb: You don’t need to wash your hair every single day but you need to get rid of any chlorine residue from your hair. So a Cowash that washes and conditions at the same time is a great choice. It also saves you time and money!

Follow these steps and see how it will not only protect your locks it will also make your strands look and feel healthier, moisturized and hydrated!

Happy Swimming!


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